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Distilled Entertainment is an established World-Wide Artist Management and North American Tour Booking Agency.

Formed in 2004, Distilled Entertainment has risen from an upstart company to a respected part of the music community. Distilled Entertainment is always seeking fresh acts to add to their expanding roster of talent. The Agency has a focus on Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Rock Genres but has the skills to work with almost any kind of band and music.

With today's music industry greatly changing, it is very relevant to have proper management who are aware and can implement new methods to find success. We have created brand names out of some of our artists, and we have helped our acts grow, and achieve their goals. Distilled Entertainment is focused on Professional Tour Booking for known acts, and unsigned and signed acts for Artist Management. We offer many techniques for gaining a wider audience, and for positive moves with touring and recording, etc. If interested please contact us for more information.

Most artists do not know how important it is to have a third party to join the team and get a professional view. A View that is not obstructed by being the songwriter or band founder and can work the goals to reality. Industry professionals do not wish to speak with the band's guitarist about how great their band is... It is key to have representation. If you do not take risks and make investments into your career, you will not have one in music.

We have many industry connections all over the world, and we can assist bands with finding merchandise solutions, as well as graphic artwork, and designs on top of our other services listed.

Distilled Entertainment assists with all aspects of the music business.
Distilled Entertainment has a focus on Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Rock Genres but has the skills to work with almost any kind of band and music.

Distilled Entertainment has a focus on Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Rock Genres but has the skills to work with almost any kind of band and music.
  • Professional Representation

  • Professional Guidance

  • Tour/Show Bookings

  • Touring Negotiations

  • Management

  • Consulting and Public Relations

  • Record Label Submissions

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Phone Calls, Emails, Faxes, Mailings and Follow-up

  • Access To Professional Contacts

  • Public Relations / Press and Media Relations

  • Songwriting Critique

  • Pre-Production Recording Assistance

  • World-wide Digital Record Release and Distribution

  • We are proud to add some new bands to the official roster. The agency is starting it's 15th. year and we have a full roster of quality artists.

    Neil Turbin (Original Voice Of Anthrax) is headed to Europe in March for a headlining tour. He just performed at his annual NammJam show in front of a large audience. We are planning several festival and tour appearances for 2018.

    New signing, Voodoo Terror Tribe, has a new album coming out world-wide in March through David Ellefson of Megadeth's new label EMP label group with tours to follow and a new video.

    Noctem (Prosthetic Records) is touring Europe as a headliner, and is looking to get into the USA for a tour this year.

    From Hell (Steve Smythe guitar, Wes from Les Claypool's FFB, and other stars) is recording a new album and videos for a yet to be decided label release later this year. Toured with Possessed, Belphegor, and Noctem.

    Endrah from Brazil is recording new material and planning tours or Brazil/South America and USA. Recent headlining tour of Brazil.

    Niviane (Pitch Black Records) is headed out on tour with Sirenia and Threat Signal in April to support their debut album, The Druid King, now out world-wide.

    Helion Prime (AFM Records) is recording new material and just announced their new vocalist. Tours to follow later 2018.

    Dire Peril is going out on tour in April to support Sirenia and Threat Signal across the USA and Canada. I new album is being released from a yet to be confirmed label this year.

    Demons Within (Unable Records) is recording a new E.P. which features Dino Cazares of Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Assisino on lead guitar on a song. Lots of regional shows supporting many big names of metal. Recent tour with Destruction, Jungle Rot and Warbringer.

    Toy Called God just finished recording a great new album which will be released on a yet to be decided label. Tours for summer in the works. Last summer toured with Trapt and Smile Empty Soul.

    Bastardizer (Australia) just finished their new album, mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) for a label to be decided. They just supported Lich King in Australia. Tours in the works. Last year toured with Skullfist.

    Happy Tuesday (Unwired Records) just released their new album, The Harlequin Diaries on Unwired Records. They will be on tour in the USA in April with The Maension.

    All Out Mutiny is recording new material and planning several tours of USA, Russia, and Europe. Tours last year with Deez Nuts and Endrah.

    Downfall 2012 had completed a new album, set for release on a yet to announced label. Tours to follow. Tours last year with Avatar and Otep.

    Sleep Signals is going on tour in March with Cold Kingdom followed by tours in June, July, and August throughout the US.

    Chains over Razors (Rocker Records owned by Carmine Appice) is writing new material and looking for tours to support their last label release which is out now world-wide. Recent tour on Metal Allegiance tour.

    Not My Master from Texas has a blistering new E.P. ready which we are looking for a label to release. The band is touring heavily across the Southwestern USA and has a festival appearance coming soon with Vince Neil (Motley Crue).

    Gnarwolf from Texas just put out new material and a video and is touring the South USA and looking to tour non stop after August.

    Misamore is set to play several festivals and regional shows around California and has new material out.

    Heat of Damage is set to play at Sacramento, CA's First Fest this year along with many West coast shows. New material is out and we are planning summer tours.

    A Flourishing Scourge is recording new material and is planning to tour Europe in the summer. They recently completed a tour of the Western USA.

    Vengince is looking into some tour offers for the year and is writing some new material.

    Psycle is working on some new material with a world famous production team. Regional shows are constant and touring plans are in the works.

    Next Door To Heaven (Russia) is looking to tour outside their home country this year, and has a solid new album and video out.

    In Element (Argentina) has a new album ready for a yet to be decided label. The band is touring South America and plans to tour USA and Europe this year.

    Bless The Dead have finished their new album for a yet to be decided label release. The band is regularly playing the Southeastern US and is looking into full tour options. New bassist announced.

    Hellbender is auditioning new drummers and is working on new material. Fresh off tour with Destruction, Jungle Rot and Warbringer. They also recently supported Death Angel. New video out.

    Mudface is working on their new album for a 2018 release followed by some touring.

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