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Distilled Entertainment is an established World-Wide Artist Management and North American Tour Booking Agency.

Formed in 2004, Distilled Entertainment has risen from an upstart company to a respected part of the music community. Distilled Entertainment is always seeking fresh acts to add to their expanding roster of talent. The Agency has a focus on Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Rock Genres but has the skills to work with almost any kind of band and music.

With today's music industry greatly changing, it is very relevant to have proper management who are aware and can implement new methods to find success. We have created brand names out of some of our artists, and we have helped our acts grow, and achieve their goals. Distilled Entertainment is focused on Professional Tour Booking for known acts, and unsigned and signed acts for Artist Management. We offer many techniques for gaining a wider audience, and for positive moves with touring and recording, etc. If interested please contact us for more information.

Most artists do not know how important it is to have a third party to join the team and get a professional view. A View that is not obstructed by being the songwriter or band founder and can work the goals to reality. Industry professionals do not wish to speak with the band's guitarist about how great their band is... It is key to have representation. If you do not take risks and make investments into your career, you will not have one in music.

We have many industry connections all over the world, and we can assist bands with finding merchandise solutions, as well as graphic artwork, and designs on top of our other services listed.

Distilled Entertainment assists with all aspects of the music business.
Distilled Entertainment has a focus on Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Rock Genres but has the skills to work with almost any kind of band and music.

Distilled Entertainment has a focus on Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Rock Genres but has the skills to work with almost any kind of band and music.
  • Professional Representation

  • Professional Guidance

  • Tour/Show Bookings

  • Touring Negotiations

  • Management

  • Consulting and Public Relations

  • Record Label Submissions

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Phone Calls, Emails, Faxes, Mailings and Follow-up

  • Access To Professional Contacts

  • Public Relations / Press and Media Relations

  • Songwriting Critique

  • Pre-Production Recording Assistance

  • World-wide Digital Record Release and Distribution

  • Underground metal legends, MASTER have added Distilled Entertainment bands: DEMONS WITHIN, VX36, and THE BLACK ORDER to their U.S. Tour with SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER   View Tour Poster
  • VENGINCE just inked a deal with Unable Records to release their new album, Against The Tide and finished a run with I Declare War, Here Comes The Kracken, Feed Her To The Sharks
  • ENDRAH just completed another headlining tour of Brazil and released a new collection of songs titled, Shoot, Shovel, Shutup, available for free download at www.endrah.com
  • Pop-Punk rockers, ANYWAY! from Philadelphia/Belarus, just inked a record deal with Unable Records to release their album 1st. American
  • ASCENDIA have been added to CIRCUS MAXIMUS North American tour along with a main stage slot on this years ProgPower USA Show
  • GORGATRON is currently in the final dates of their successful headlining U.S. Tour run which featured several festival appearances
  • WHEN NOTHING REMAINS recently signed a record deal with Bleeding Nose Records and is making European Touring plans and has confirmed dates in Russia, Sweden, and Czech Republic

  • 2016 is ending on a stong note as always.

  • We successfully added FROM HELL to the Evil Over Europe Tour with legends: POSSESSED, BELPHAGOR, ABSU and more.
  • Our band, ALL OUT MUTINY is heading to Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania for shows with DEEZ NUTS in February 2017.
  • VENGINCE just released an album via Unable Records.
  • DEMONS WITHIN just completed a US Tour with MASTER.
  • TRECELENCE just supported dates with DEATH ANGEL.
  • Brazil's ENDRAH is booking another South American tour and currently writing new music.
  • DEAD RECKONING has a new EP being pressed.
  • We just signed BASTARDIZER and BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS both from Australia and both fresh off tour with DESTROYER666.
  • BLACK PESTILENCE just released a new music video and is planning their next European tour.
  • LUCID AFTERLIFE just released new videos and is booking their first South American tour for 2017.

    More to come and happy holidays!
    The Distilled Crew

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